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Mobile Hairdressing Ltd is a small family-owned and operated business which first began trading in 1995 under the name Hair 2 Go.

We didn't want to be just another salon. We wanted to offer our clients something different, so after researching the idea we decided to break away from the norm and take our skills to the people!

We began by putting flyers in letterboxes, talking to friends, and placing ads in local newspapers to spread the word that we had something different to offer. It took a long time for people to embrace this new concept, but they soon came to appreciate the convenience, and now over 25 years later our clientele is still growing!

Our client base is varied and comes from all walks of life, including busy professionals, working parents, seniors, family groups, disabled etc.

Why have your hair styled at home? Sheer convenience!!
  • No parking hassles. 
  • No taxi fares.  
  • The list of advantages goes on and on.

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